Peter Greenberg loves VT farmstays

 The time is flying by and even though there is still a bit of snow, the crocus are peeking out the back and there is mud.  A sure sign of spring and summer and the busy season.  The “slow season” is the time for rejuvenation, new ideas and new energies.  People are thinking about traveling again and we are busy  taking .reservations for this summer.  And so looking forward to it. 

I was so psyched to see that Peter Greenberg wrote about farmstays and agritourism this week!! I remember meeting him at the VT Travel conference years ago, when he talked about Vermont as the perfect travel destination to Experience Life, and here I am “doing it”!! Next week I am going to the VT travel conference with a spring in my step because our new Commissioner of Tourism, Megan Smith loves agritourism and understands the value of agriculture and its draw for people.

I have met her and she wants to come visit the farm, and I hope that when I see her we nail down a date for her farm visit.  And for yours too.   I am starting to think about rhubarb and all of those springs things we get to eat. 

Stay tuned for some spring recipes.

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If you Feed them, They will come!

If you feed them, they will come!!! The Bed and Breakfast website asked, “What food do you serve besides breakfast?”   What a hoot when I realized from other innkeepers that I am “unique”!! I have served dinner on the farm since February1984.

Breakfast on the Farm

Lena, my mentor, insisted that guests should be served farm fresh food with lots of Cabot butter and Sharp Cheddar Cheese!!  She figured they were coming to a farm and would expect Vermont Farm Food. Who knew that 27 years later “farm fresh” would be part of a Food Revolution!!  I knew I was sharing recipes from my grandmother and Lena. I never realized I was in the forefront of a new wave of culinary tourism. Tons of butter and Cabot cheddar cheese in 27 years have infused my meals with Vermont flavor. “Julia” and I and the cows  just knew Butter is Better !! So check back for Dinner photos……. Got to go Cook Up a Storm!! Skiers are coming!!

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It’s All About the Oatmeal!!

It’s the Oatmeal!! Rev your engine for the Day–whether you are debating in Congress, milking cows, or hitting the ski slopes Oatmeal will fuel you up for Life’s adventures!  Try Oatmeal recipes from Liberty Hill Farm with Cabot butter and VT maple syrup, the secret ingredients for a yummy start to the day. 


Last week Bernie Sanders ate a bowl of oatmeal before his marathon 9 hour speech in Congress. This week McDonalds introduced oatmeal in their menu. Oatmeal is HOT!! But we always knew that. Our guests love my baked oatmeal as part of their hearty farm breakfast. David and Lois compete to scrape the bowl as a morning snack. Oatmeal: energy for barn chores, Congress, or having fun with friends. It is the “stick to your ribs” breakfast.

 Recipe #1: 

1 1/3 cup oats, 2 cups milk, 1/4 cup VT maple syrup, 2 Tbsp Cabot butter, 1 apple peeled and diced, 1/2 cup Ocean Spray Craisins, 1 tsp cinnamon.

 Stir together in lightly buttered bowl. Bake in oven for 40 minutes at 350.

 Recipe #2:  For more protein in your day try David’s favorite treat.  The secret is that you mix it together and then throw it the oven while you are getting dressed for the day, but be careful not to Burn it……not to long, not too much.  Keep your oatmeal just right!

 2 cups oats, 4 cups milk, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup VT maple syrup, 1 Tbsp Cabot butter, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp nutmeg.

Stir together put in buttered casserole dish or individual ramekins, Bake in oven 30 minutes at 350.  Add Ocean Spray Craisins, or other fruit as desired.  Serve with a pat of Cabot butter on top, maple syrup, and milk!   Delish!

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Delectable Mountains

Delectable Mountains

Bob has been harvesting the hay up on the hill this week.  I love this time of year when everything changes, the weather, the food!! Tom is harvesting winter squash from his garden, Bob’s brother is busy picking apples, Lesley brought me tomatoes, Tony has pumpkins, Lois is making pickles!! I just add VT maple syrup, Cabot Cheddar cheese, a little King Arthur flour and some love and it all turns delectable!! Just like the mountains!! The rule in Vermont is: “Apple pie without cheddar cheese is like a Hug without the squeeze!! ” Go pick some apples, get your Cheddar and enjoy the gorgeous day out there!!

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Farmer Bob, Red Sox, and Rachel Ray

Our view of Fenway field

Hey! We just got home from seeing the Red Sox at Fenway. Great night, beautiful moon, wonderful friends to share the game with. This morning Farmer Bob enjoyed a leisurely morning coffee and watched the news on TV before we headed back to VT! He happened to see Rachel Ray’s food show! Liberty Hill Farm is featured in the September issue of her magazine as a travel destination paired with the children’s book “Charlotte’s Web”. Bob had no idea who Rachel Ray was!! What a hoot! So now he knows both Beth and Rachel “cook”!!  Headed home and Farmer Bob jumped on his tractor to rake the Hay up on the Delectable mountains!!

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Sweet Baby James

James arrived from Wash DC  this week to help with the corn harvest. He helped with the birthing of a calf this afternoon, so we named the calf “Sweet Baby James”! SW James is only 5 minutes old in this photo!

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